Monday, November 17, 2008

Why not?

Today, tomorrow, yesterday... starting is the thing. This is a "running later" space. A space for those of us boomers who discovered running later in life than most people.

What is it like to put on shoes, a ForeRunner, a chest strap, log-in to your training schedule, slam down 2 cups of coffee, half a banana, and head out the door? For me it is exhilarating and intimidating all at the same time! What about for you? (The Beginner in the November Runners World had a less rewarding beginning.)

I have learned about PT, orthotics, "vitamin I" and listening to my body. How about you?

It has been a solitary journey into myself and what I am made of, and an outside run into a world of trails and roadways and races. Most of this little understood by those who have not attempted "running later". Lots of it confusing and sometimes even embarrassing.

I am anxious to know who is out there with me and what you have learned or want to learn.

I will commit to finding experts to give us their best thinking as we work on our "running later" journey, and of course, over time, I will tell some of my stories too.

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