Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How many "400's"?

Part of my boomer running journey has been figuring out the metric system in terms of miles. And then, figuring out the language of running, followed by learning how to keep track of where I am at, both literally and figuratively while I am running interval sets. (Notice the vocabulary here?)

Since June I have been working with a virtual coach. Why am I making a training investment? Mainly because I am clueless about how to safely achieve my running goals, so I want some customized guidance. However, that said, I work too many hours and travel too much to be able to schedule face-to-face training, thus my online efforts. With this approach comes some amount of confusion since I am alone trying to interpret my virtual work out schedule.

Yesterday was a great example of my challenges. I started out to run four miles with four 400m intervals of running at tempo pace with three minutes of slow running in between. I stretched, put on the chest strap and ForeRunner and headed out into the cold (21 degrees here). I pushed the start button and began running. A few minutes later I looked down: the watch was set to show distance, heart rate and speed (mph). Not exactly useful in doing my drill. So, I estimated and used the distance function. Not ideal for accuracy. When I finished my four miles, I looked at my file and it appears not only was I a little off on the speed, but I also screwed up an ran an extra interval. (Brilliant, huh?) I can only imagine what will happen if I take up swimming too.

The Boomer Beginner

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