Thursday, November 20, 2008

Are you out there?

Anyone else sharing this running journey while dealing with the realities of being a fifty something full time worker?

If not this will be my soliloquy.

Today is another challenge: how do you find time to work, work out and run? I am racing on Saturday in Colorado with my thirty year old daughter. My running and working out seems to have motivated both of my daughters to step it up a notch in their own fitness. A very good thing for them and for me. I now have a running partner! This thirty year old gave me goggles and a swim cap for my recent birthday. Her plan is to inspire me to also become a swimmer.

Now to time manage my day: work, pack, run four miles, do 30 minutes of resistance training, ready the house for being gone.

Also, I learned a valuable lesson about travel: keep your running shoes and insoles in your carry on. Two weeks ago I didn't and it was expensive and frustrating. I need to figure out how to get those shoes into my briefcase with my laptop. (???)

I am wondering, do most boomer runners use orthotics? My custom ones are great and I think they will help me avoid some hip issues that my relatives faced as they age.

Off to my day,

Looking for others who started "Running Later",

The Boomer Beginner

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