Monday, March 23, 2009

A Running High

Sometimes running "high" is not about speed or competition, even if you are in the Denver area. Sometimes it's about running with someone you love and are exceedingly proud of. That has been my opportunity and my joy for my last two runs. That doesn't mean that these have been my best runs, given the altitude, but they have been some of my most enjoyable runs.

Now I head back to the reality of the MidWest and running alone while I learn to run long. New goal: run a half-marathon. May 24th. Plenty of time, right?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Journeying From Winter to Spring; Runner to Triathlete

Two weeks ago I travelled to NYC for work. The weather decided to take a turn for the better, and I ran in Central Park (perimeter trail- 6 miles). It was 70 degrees, so I ran in shorts and a technical shirt. Yahoo!

Then I returned to Wisconsin ice, snow and wind... but only for a few days. By Friday it decided to become spring here too (a "teaser" I am sure). Last weekend I ran the Fifty Furlong (10K), and it was fifty degrees and sunny. Not only was the weather lovely, but I set a PR.

Now to the challenges of running. Ever heard of ischemic colitis? I just learned about it post-race in a very personal and painful way. Will this be a recurring problem? No way I am going to stop running!

Then there is my new goal: Becoming a Triathlete (BAT for short). To that end I enrolled in some evening classes that are designed to help beginners be ready.

I also rode my first rides with clips. I only fell over twice in our alley as I was trying to figure out how to unclip and stop/balance. Fortunately none of the dozen adults and children outside paid any attention to me.

Yesterday I did my first cycling and running "brick". I am now fully aware of how far from ready I am! It was exhausting!

Bottom line: running and riding outdoors are exhilarating!