Sunday, November 30, 2008

More fun!

Another 5K accomplished (my first Turkey Trot)! A few new things learned: it is more challenging to run in Colorado than Wisconsin; my daughter is now faster than me (and that's a very good thing); some races give medals to walkers too (many of these finishers had times that rivaled the runners'); and never assume that a grandfather, father and grandchild will have a successful 5K experience (even if the weather is lovely). We have actual video footage that includes comments about being "abandoned"!

While in Colorado I went to the rec center with my daughter for a "track session" and managed once again to turn it into a snafu. (I can only imagine what my "virtual coach" thinks.) I am highly educated, good with data and generally proficient in following directions....but not when it comes to my interval work. This time I managed to place my trust in a treadmill that converted my desired pace into speed, but not quite accurately. 8:40 pace to 7.2 mph. I warmed up and gave it my best for 2 x 400 and 2x 800, but wow, was I tired! The last 800 I slowed it down to 7.0 mph. This was pretty discouraging for me. I knew the elevation would take its toll on me, but not to this extent!

The next day I went to a website with a converter and checked out the conversion from the treadmill. Once again, I had done my set wrong! My speed was off. The good news was, I survived running at a faster pace than my coach had scheduled me to do! My current plan is to make a pace chart and either stick on my I-Pod or laminate one and put it on the treadmill. I hate screwing up! (Good converter website

The good news this week is that I have no travels, no complicating elevation issues and a trustworthy treadmill at the fitness studio I belong to! It might be a normal week, although, don't count on it!

How's your running been going? Liking the cold? Any hints for keeping my feet warm?

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