Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Year of "TRI"ing!

It has been more than I year since I have written anything, so let me explain what's kept me busy.

I set several goals last winter: to complete an Olympic distance triathlon, to qualify for USAT Age Group Nationals and to run in my third North Face Endurance Challenge. To say the least it was a busy and challenging winter, spring and summer! In the midst of all of this I also changed jobs.

What I learned along the way is that how you think, as you deal with the heat, the distances, the details, the adversity and the complexity, really matters tremendously. With the help of a great coach, a few medical folks (breathing and allergy specialists) and a supportive spouse, I worked through some disappointments and ended up achieving all of my goals. (I believe that what I learned from endurance sports helped me process and overcome the stresses in my work situation as well.)

I am very fortunate to be a "boomer beginner" and to be enjoying multi-sport and running at the level that I am. Sometimes when I wish I had a better swim, a better ride, a better run, I try to step back and remember how few people still are involved in endurance sports and competition when they get into their fifties.

Year-end Questions:

Did I ever master stripping the wetsuit? Not yet. The best thing was that nationals were in Alabama, so no wetsuits were allowed. The water temperature was too warm.

Do I now know how to disassemble and reasssemble my bike for shipping and competing purposes? No. But I have purchased a bike case, and I am planning to practice this winter. Maybe even for our trip to Colorado for Thanksgiving.

Do I now do a better job of pacing when I am running? Not exactly. I still have races where I start too slow or too fast; races where I end up out of breath and needing to slow down briefly. But, I do know more about how to control my breathing, and I am working on learning to run by feel, rather than by ForeRunner.

Do I enjoy working on these goals? Absolutely, but somedays it is hard, cold/or hot, challenging and lonely work. I have yet to find a training partner to share the joy and misery with.


Completed the Capitol View Olympic Distance Triathlon
Competed at USAT Age Group Nationals in Tuscaloosa
Qualified for Team USA going to Beijing for ITU World Competition in 2011
Finished second in my age group in the North Face Endurance Challenge 5K and 8th overall.
Set a new PR in the Haunted Hustle 10K.

Am I coming back for more next year? See my next post.

The Boomerbeginner

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