Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Journeying From Winter to Spring; Runner to Triathlete

Two weeks ago I travelled to NYC for work. The weather decided to take a turn for the better, and I ran in Central Park (perimeter trail- 6 miles). It was 70 degrees, so I ran in shorts and a technical shirt. Yahoo!

Then I returned to Wisconsin ice, snow and wind... but only for a few days. By Friday it decided to become spring here too (a "teaser" I am sure). Last weekend I ran the Fifty Furlong (10K), and it was fifty degrees and sunny. Not only was the weather lovely, but I set a PR.

Now to the challenges of running. Ever heard of ischemic colitis? I just learned about it post-race in a very personal and painful way. Will this be a recurring problem? No way I am going to stop running!

Then there is my new goal: Becoming a Triathlete (BAT for short). To that end I enrolled in some evening classes that are designed to help beginners be ready.

I also rode my first rides with clips. I only fell over twice in our alley as I was trying to figure out how to unclip and stop/balance. Fortunately none of the dozen adults and children outside paid any attention to me.

Yesterday I did my first cycling and running "brick". I am now fully aware of how far from ready I am! It was exhausting!

Bottom line: running and riding outdoors are exhilarating!

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